Awesome / The Time Traveler's Wife

  • Henry time-travelling out of a cop car and appearing in his apartment laughing and comparing himself to Houdini. He's been arrested several times, yet the cops have never had time to take a photo or fingerprint him.
  • Henry beating the crap out of Gomez's homophobic mate after he's attacked for wearing effeminate clothing stolen earlier.
  • A Jerk Jock hits Clare and puts out a cigarette on her because she's a "tease" for dating him and then not deciding to go any further. So Clare has Henry (who's at a disadvantage at twice the jock's age) knock him down, lead him to a tree at gunpoint, duct tape him to the tree, ties a message detailing what he did to his chest then invite every woman she knows to the tree.
    • The jock calls Clare a bitch to Henry's face, so Henry kicks him in the groin hard.
    • Henry calmly offers to Clare to break the jock's nose so he isn't quite as pretty as he was before. Another alternative was to slice his Achilles' tendon and end his football career.