Tear Jerker / The Time Traveler's Wife

  • How about the ending where Clare is now an old woman who is sitting alone in her house, waiting anxiously all these years for the one last visit from Henry that he mentioned once. Eventually he returns to her, her Odysseus, and embraces her one last time.
  • How about the scene where Henry is talking to his nine-year-old self. After spending the past few years teaching him everything he needs to know about surviving, little Henry thinks he's found himself an older brotherly figure who will be there for him. When he realizes that Henry is actually himself, and that there may not even be other time travelers, it goes into detail about just how soul-crushingly lonely that little boy felt that very moment.
  • The scene with Henry playing chess with a 12-year-old Clare. She keeps asking him about who he likes, and if he's married to anyone in the future. Henry doesn't want to make a little girl her age have to come to accept so early on that she'll be marrying the old geezer who hides in her yard one day, so he purposefully stays vague, only telling her that he is married to a lovely, patient, beautiful, woman who he is madly in love with. Clare then silently bursts into tears. "I just thought that... maybe you were married to me..."
  • Henry describing how his mother died in a car crash when he was a child, that he only survived because he time-travelled out of the car, and about he's returned to the accident dozens of times, comparing it to a recurring nightmare brought on by trauma.
  • "I love you, always. Time is nothing."