Funny / The Time Traveler's Wife

  • In the film, Gomez and Henry have minutes left before Henry has to be downstairs for his wedding, when he time-travels. Gomez just looks at the pile of clothes and says "Oh shit".
    • He then tries to delay Clare's sister at the door, before almost yelling in relief when he sees an older Henry climbing through the window.
  • Henry beating the crap out of a homophobic thug while dressed like a kid's tv presenter/ a very camp gay man, in the book and the film respectively.
  • Clare justifying to Henry sleeping with a younger version of him: "It's not like I cheated on you."
  • In the book Henry is asked to leave a restaurant on a trip into the past, as he's not wearing shoes. He stands up and instantly disappears, laughing to himself that he always wanted to do that.
  • In the film, Dr Kendrick's deadpan reaction to Henry time-travelling: "holy shit".