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Awesome: The Sims

  • Numerous hybrids of life states including:
    • Kung Fu Vampire
    • Bigfoot Warlock
  • With Sims 3 Pets, having a Simbot ride a unicorn
    • Better yet, having a fairy or sunscreen-wearing vampire ride a unicorn. Sparkles everywhere!
  • Making drinks such as a Extremely Evil Double Espresso
  • The later stages of the firefighter profession have your sim pull one CMoA after another
  • The ghost hunter profession
  • The fact that Bigfoot is the supreme master of everything. Need somebody to do your gardening? Bigfoot! need a flower arrangement? Bigfoot. Need home repairs? Bigfoot! need a makeover? Bigfoot. Need a robot? Bigfoot!
  • The horse death animation. The Grim Reaper gets on the horse, strikes a pose, and rides off into a portal.
  • When a sim with "Brave" trait beats up the burglar.
  • Getting Pangu's Axe, without cheating. The scene itself is just amazing.
  • A Sims 2 mod allows you to catch the burglar and freaking take him on!

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