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Awesome: The Mummy Trilogy

The Mummy

  • A minor but very powerful one for Evy: during their first night in Hamunaptra, she explains to Rick about her parents' legacy- her father was a very famous explorer, and her mother was an adventurer of Egyptian birth. Rick says that while he understands the rest of her family, he doesn't get Evie. She flares up and (although completely hammered) basically tells him that she is her parents' daughter, even if she doesn't seem like much, and that she is proud of who she is. Impressed, Rick just smiles wryly in response, accepting her answer.
  • Rick's reaction to turning a corner and finding a resurrected mummy roaring at him: scream at it, shoot it in the face with a shotgun, grab the girl and run.
  • Rick casually nailing a fleeing Beni with a heavy wooden chair, by throwing it across the room with a single hand.
    Johnathan: Nice shot.
  • Winston's burial in the quicksand; the music really hammers home how this WWI pilot, who is seen earlier on getting drunk, complaining about being retired, and missing his friends who died in the war, got in his plane one last time to battle a great evil and helping to save the world. His last words, before the plane crashes, are "Here I come, laddies!" and laughing. He went out exactly as he had wanted.
  • Rick singlehandedly taking down about sixteen of Imhotep's mummified priests singlehandedly, with nothing but a golden sword that must be ridiculously heavy, and breaking Evy's chains in the process. Not to mention these things refuse to stay dead; even after chopping them in two, they keep coming. Oh, and then he goes and takes on ten mummified elite warriors, destroying six of them before Johnathan finally finishes the incantation.

The Mummy Returns

  • "Go to hell, and take your friends with you!!"
  • The entire movie is one big CMOA for Evelyn, culminating in the final scenes where she risks a second death to rescue her husband from the abyss, while her murderer, Anck-su-namun, abandons her 'love' and meets a just end.
  • Jonathan gets an understated one in the final approach to Ahm Shere, when he sheds his Cowardly Sidekick role and demonstrates some impressive marksmanship covering Rick.
    Evy: Jonathan? That's my husband and my son down there. Make me proud.
  • Alex facing Imhotep, Anck-su-namun and Loc-Nah in different occasions and living as he is slowly developing from being a bratty kid to one of the bravest characters in the movie. The first occasion with Anck, he mildly snarks her when she asks him to behave. The second occasion he defiantly tells Imhotep that his dad is gonna kick his arse. Finally the third, he proceeds to make Loc-Nah's, a known killer's life a living hell, as he's ordered not to kill him until after they reach the Golden Pyramid.
  • The novelization has Rick, still burning from the death of his wife, respond to the curator's boast that Imhotep will soon take command over the army of Anubis with this badass line: "He'll have to do it from Hell, because that's where I'm sending him."

Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

  • The emergence of the Yetis.
    • When one of them grabs the evil general, he punches it in the nose!
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