YMMV / The Mummy Trilogy

Works in this franchise with their own YMMV pages:

  • Adaptation Displacement: The original Universal Horror Mummy, while well-regarded, is mainly sought after by classic horror buffs while these films have wider appeal by being closer to Indiana Jones than pure horror.
  • Audience-Coloring Adaptation: To the point many fans were weirded out by The Mummy (2017) going for a darker vibe, closer to the original Universal Horror Mummy, instead of following this trilogy's pulpy, at times cheesy action-adventure.
  • Awesome Music: Jerry Goldsmith's score for the first film is suitably grand, and Alan Silvestri's score for the second film has some suitably epic tracks as well. (The Sommers Company logo at the end of the third film uses one of Silvestri's tracks.)
  • Jerkass Woobie: In the end, all Imhotep wanted was to be with Anck-su-namun, even if he has to conquer the world in the process. Aside from the fact that he never had to go after the Scorpion King in the first place during the second film. In fact, the moment he regenerated and Anck-su-namun reborn, he had everything he wanted in The Mummy: his love, and eternity with her. The Scorpion King and the Army of Anubis was either blind greed or a plot For the Evulz.
  • Sequelitis:
    • While fans oft think The Mummy Returns averts the trope, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor wasn't so lucky.
    • The Scorpion King 2 is a prequel to a prequel to a sequel to a remake of a movie from the 1930's. Wheras The Scorpion King 3 and The Scorpion King 4 are sequels to the first Scorpion King film, which in fact was the prequel to a prologue of a sequel to a remake of the movie from the 1930's. Head hurting yet?
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The first two films feature some great special effects work, all aspects considered. The third however, to a much lesser degree due to moments of fairly jarring Special Effects Failure note , specifically Jet Li's character transforming into King Ghidorah as well as his character beheading someone earlier in the movie. The commentary notes that at times, the effects (such as swarms of insects or clouds of sand) were used to cover up the terrible acting of their crowd scene extras, so this was a case of the visual effects actually improving the acting level in a movie.