Awesome / The Love Bug

The Love Bug (original version)
  • Herbie winning the El Dorado even after ripping himself literally in half with sheer determination.
    Carol: I'd think you'd better stop before someone gets hurt!
    Jim: *pressing Herbie's brakes and jiggling with his key* No dice, Herbie doesn't want to stop!

Herbie Rides Again
  • Herbie rallying up nearly every Volkswagen in San Francisco and aiding in the defense of Grandma Steinmetz's firehouse.

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
  • The sheer fact that, despite the fact that Jim, Wheelie and Herbie are all knocked to last place by various events, multiple times, they still manage to pass by everyone and come in first.
  • Jim is in the middle of a comeback race, having (once again) gotten to the head of the pack and . He then sees Diane and her car in a lake, having lost control. He immediately considers and decides to go back and help her out.

Herbie Goes Bananas

Herbie the Love Bug/Herbie the Matchmaker (TV miniseries)

The Love Bug (1997 remake)

Herbie: Fully Loaded