Funny: The Love Bug

The Love Bug (original version)

  • The scenes with Herbie squirting oil all over Thorndyke's shoe.
  • Jim hitting his head on the window when he first meets Carole at the car lot.
  • Havershaw, Thorndyke's sidekick is good for a few laughs.
    Havershaw: [sips champagne] Mmm. You know what I love about champagne, sir?
    Thorndyke: Havershaw, if you tell that the bubbles tickle your nose, I shall probably kill you!
    Havershaw: [Starts wiggling his nose]
  • Pretty much any scene that had Tennessee in it, such as;
    • Thorndyke asking him which part of Ireland his mother came from, before responding back with "Coney Ireland."
    • Tennessee's explanation about how machines are possibly developing minds of their own, before being blown off about it by Jim.
    • During the El Dorado race when Thorndyke zooms past Herbie while not realizing that a bear is sitting in the front seat with him in place of his navigator, Havershaw. Tennessee's response? "Who's the guy in the fur coat?"
    • Tennessee screaming like a girl while he and Carole keep Herbie balanced during the race.
    • When Thorndyke kicks Herbie's side, Tennessee's only utterance of disapproval of this act is a simple "AUWWW!"
  • "The little car takes first... and third place!"
  • Carole's What the Hell, Hero? rant to Jim about his apparent success in winning races, which was actually Herbie's doing, while loud crashing sounds are going on in the background, which turn out to be Herbie ramming himself repeatedly against the Lamborghini that Jim bought to replace him.
  • The random school bus shown during the Mexican road rally.
  • The hippies (played by Dean Jones and Buddy Hackett in fake beards) who casually refer to Jim and Carole as "a couple of weirdos".
  • "Small car very angry."
  • Herbie blasting Thorndyke with the coffee cream he shoved into Herbie's engine during a photo op after the race.
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  • Aunt Louise's fruitless attempts to flirt with Captain Blythe, or the Captain himself for his over-the-top temper and hammy speeches.
  • Paco has asked Herbie what his name is. Since Herbie can only "speak" in car horn noises, he can only make two beeps (one for each syllable). Paco asks "What?" and Herbie beeps twice again, but stretches it out ("Her....bie!"). Paco gives up and says he'll just call Herbie Ocho (the number "53" is on Herbie's hood, and 5+3=8). Herbie honks his assent in an accepting instead of frustrated or angry way; that just shows how cool he his. See this scene here.
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