Heartwarming / The Love Bug

  • In the first movie when Jim wonders why Herbie chose him:
    Jim: What I don't understand is, out of the millions of people in the world, why it picked a dogeared second-rater like me.
    Carol: You stood up for it once. I guess it thought you were...worth belonging to. I understand that.
    (Note: They get married at the end, Herbie is The Love Bug after all!)
  • In Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo Herbie is trying to impress Giselle, but he's dirty and acting like such a lovesick goofball that she'll have nothing to do with him. Only when he cleans up, gets some flowers, and tries a more subtle approach does he succeed.
  • Herbie falling in love in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, especially near the end of the big Trans France Race where the plucky Bug rescues Giselle from being wrecked in a river. They then spend the night after the race watching the fireworks over Monte Carlo.
  • In the 1997 remake, after Herbie is rebuilt everyone is so worried that Herbie won't "wake up" when Jim starts the ignition that they take a moment of silence. Then the car starts and Jim asks if Herbie is there. Herbie honks in joy and everybody is so relieved!