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Awesome: The Legend of Drizzt
  • In early training against his father, Drizzt is faced with an unbeatable combo. What does he do? Learn how to beat it.
    • He then uses it, beating his father in a later duel.
      • His father is later killed by the other, evil, drow, and later brought back as a zombie, but with memories still intact. He uses a counter-counter against Drizzt's counter to the unbeatable combo. The amount of memories required to allow him to fight Drizzt... allow him to fight the enchantment.
  • Anything Drizzt does. Anything. Double, if it includes Guenhwyvar.
  • This may be an April Fool's joke, but it's fitting. "In the end, we decided that should you recruit this drow to your side, he'd simply kick your opponent's ass as many times as you'd like. Summon his panther companion as well, and you have a combo that not only guarantees a win, but also your next win as well. He's just that good."
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