Awesome: The Legend of Drizzt

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Across the entire series

  • Anything Drizzt does. Anything. Double, if it includes Guenhwyvar.
  • This may be an April Fool's joke, but it's fitting. "In the end, we decided that should you recruit this drow to your side, he'd simply kick your opponent's ass as many times as you'd like. Summon his panther companion as well, and you have a combo that not only guarantees a win, but also your next win as well. He's just that good."

     The Icewind Dale Trilogy 

  • The first time Drizzt and Wulfgar meet, Drizzt throws off his cowl and reveals his race to the stunned barbarian. Wulfgar then proceeds to insult Drizzt, calling him a "sorcerous dog", and asks Bruenor if he seriously expects a "weakling elf" to teach him how to fight. Drizzt, calm as a cucumber, simply looks to Bruenor for permission to start their first fighting lesson and then proceeds to spectacularly kick Wulfgar's ass, further silencing any protests from Wulfgar about his ability to teach him.
  • Bruenor's Heroic Sacrifice, and Regis blowing out the candle in "The Crystal Shard".
  • Drizzt not only summons Errtu to him, he then fights him and wins thanks to Icingdeath.
  • Wulfgar's finishing move in the fight against Heafstaag - crushing his skull between his bare hands.
  • Drizzt and Wulfgar's defeat of Dracos Icingdeath. Two warriors doing the age-old hero thing of slaying a dragon in its lair for treasure.
  • Drizzt successfully managing to solo a Balor. Which, for non-D&D players, is a Captain Ersatz of Tolkien's Balrog.

     The Homeland Trilogy 
  • Towards the ending, when Drizzt defeats Masoj and Alton on pure anger alone.
  • "And a true god damn you all!"
  • In the final fight between Zaknafein and Drizzt, Drizzt demonstrates that the cross-down parry was wrong by finding the solution, kicking Zak in the nose.
  • Drizzt bluffing his way past a red dragon that could kill him at anytime and succeeding.
  • In early training against his father, Drizzt is faced with an unbeatable combo. What does he do? Learn how to beat it.
    • He then uses it, beating his father in a later duel.
      • His father is later killed by the other, evil, drow, and later brought back as a zombie, but with memories still intact. He uses a counter-counter against Drizzt's counter to the unbeatable combo. The amount of memories required to allow him to fight Drizzt... allow him to fight the enchantment.
  • Drizzt wins the Melee of Drow Society all but one year in his education. He would have won his first year but was insufficiently exposed to Drow treachery.
  • Drizzt single-handedly defeating a Behir, which is a kind of a stupider poisonous underground version of a dragon.
  • Drizzt, eventually, fights an undead version of his father and manages to hold his own despite the latter being the greatest swordsman in Drow history.

     Legacy of the Drow series 
  • Wulfgar's Heroic Sacrifice during the attempt to save Drizzt, a yocohol (Handmaiden of Lloth) has appeared and injured him badly, so to make sure Catti-Bree lives since she's there, Wulfgar begins to sing a song to Tempus and brings the ceiling down on himself and the yocohol, inspiring a Roaring Rampage of Revenge from Bruenor and Catti-Bree on the Drow.
  • Matron Baerne's sheer and utter annihilation of the Third House thanks to an avatar of Lloth appearing and giving her the power to utterly wipe out the Third House thanks to the deal made with Errtu.
  • Mithril Hall versus Menzoberrazan is supposed to be a Curb-Stomp Battle for the latter. The greatest of all Drow cities versus a dwarven flyspeck which was only recently recovered from a combination of dragon and Druegar. Only, fighting WITH them, is an alliance of all the people who Drizzt has befriended over the years. The Drow, who cannot understand allying with anyone, are stalemated only to be beaten by the rising Sun.
  • Lloth visiting Baerne to begin with. She pretty much lets herself in, is guided to Baerne and pretty much slaps her verbally and calls her an idiot and then tells her "My powers are returning and together you and I will destroy the Third House with the power I give you.".
  • Drizzt, Catti-Bree, Bruenor and Wulfgar versus Errtu, one of the most power demons to exist. Errtu didn't stand a chance.
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