Awesome / The Inbetweeners

As it has to be said, there are not many in the series itself!
  • Will, aided by the gang and some other "saddos", manages to organise a successful Christmas party. He wins some respect from the sixth formers, as shown when they tell Mark Donovan to leave him alone.
  • Will actually does a good job at modelling at the fashion show, after getting asked to take part at the last minute. Of course, this only serves to set up a contrast with Simon's less successful turn...
There are more in the movies:
  • Jay seriously takes a level in badass by the end of The Movie. In the space of a few minutes he's able to admit to Jane that he really likes her and is comfortable being seen with her in public, hook up with her in private, and trick James into snorting cocaine through a note covered in feces. Just once in the series, it's possible to cheer for him.
  • Simon finally figuring out that Carli isn't right for him after a lifetime of being strung along.
  • The entire party boat cheering Simon on as he prepares to dive overboard and swim back to Lucy. Obviously not counting his almost drowning several seconds later.
  • Will's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Katie and Ben in the second film.
  • Even though it was just a slap, Jay striking his verbally abusive uncle for repeatedly calling Jane fat certainly counts.
  • The boys manage to get an entire dance club to copy their moves.