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Trivia: The Inbetweeners
  • Enforced Method Acting: None of the actors who played the audience during the fashion show episode (including Simon's parents and Mr. Gilbert) were prepared for Simon's legendary Wardrobe Malfunction. It's right, none of them knew that when Joe Thomas entered the stage, his left testicle would stick out from his clothing. So any laughing or shock from the audience's side is probably genuine.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Neil's Ambiguously Gay dad looks a lot like Ambiguously Gay MP Julius Nicholson.
    • Tara was a character in the short lived, oft-forgotten yet fairly popular CBBC show Kerching. Due to the age of the target audience a lot of people who grew up watching Kerching had a HUGE Hey It's That Girl moment when she turned up.
    • Wait, was that Rani Chandra at that party?
    • Will's Dad is Giles - and he's a DICK!
    • Do not say that Babylon 5 is a big pile of shit to Simon's dad.
    • Is that you, Bethan?
  • Name's the Same: A differently spelled first name it may be, but Carli shares quite a lot of similarity with Carly from iCarly, especially considering they both have a Dogged Nice Guy who has a Just Friends crush on them (Simon for Carli, and Freddie for Carly). In the fashion show episode, Carli uses the line "Please for me" on Simon to get him to do something for her, which is identical to a line that Carly constantly used on Freddie to get him to do things she wants. Although the similarity of the two ends the further towards the end of the series and The Movie The Inbetweeners gets.
  • Real-Life Relative: Anthony Head, who plays Will's Dad, is the real-life father of Emily Head, who plays Carli.

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