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Awesome: The IT Crowd
  • Moss scaring a group of bullies that have been picking on him with a motherflipping gun!
  • "I can't go to prison Roy, they'll rape the flip out of me!"
  • The ending of "The Speech": after the already awesome Douglas vs. April smackdown, the "internet" is destroyed, leading to the shareholders to think it's The End of the World as We Know It. As the room descends into chaos, Roy and Moss silently fist-bump.
  • "They've turned me in to one of them! I of them! ...That's why you need me...I am your conduit. I am your bridge. ICH. BIN. EIN. NERD."
  • Moss is about to be arrested for shoplifting. He's lead off-screen by a police officer... then runs back in, decks a Jerk Ass who was hassling him earlier in the episode, and snogs a girl who'd taken an interest in him, shouting "Wait for me!" as the officer drags him off again.
  • Richmond's appearance in the finale.
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