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Heartwarming: The IT Crowd
  • Moss helping Roy get over his ex-girlfriend through Dungeons and Dragons in Jen the Fredo.
    • Face it, everybody was on the verge of crying on the last scenes while playing.
  • Another moment that shows Moss' devotion to being Roy's friend is when he urges Roy to go to court in Something Happened.
    • To follow on with Something Happened, at the end of Roy's defendant speech, Moss starts a round of applause in court to which Roy mouths "Thank you" and Moss replies with a mouthed "You're welcome". If that doesn't cement how close they are, I don't know what does.
  • Jen choosing to stay at Reynholm with Moss and Roy to make sure they're well taken care of, turning down a better job in the process.
  • Roy coming to help Jen when her date Daniel goes ballistic on a clown in a crappy restaurant.
  • Pretty much any act of kindness towards Richmond, starting with Jen having tea with him.
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