Awesome / The Fifth Elephant

  • Vimes, The Law, goes up against Uberwald's cutthroat traditions, The Lore, and kicks the Lore back into the Century of the Marmoset.
    • He KOs two werewolves bare-handed after plunging over an icy waterfall. This is AFTER the werewolves stripped him naked and dumped him in the middle of a winter forest as part of a twisted hunting "game". A game that is designed to be impossible for the quarry to win.
    • After escaping, he manages to kill the werewolves' nigh-immortal leader Wolfgang, Angua's brother through sheer cunning, but to do so in a way that still upholds police procedure. And then he refuses to exult in his victory because that would make it murder.
  • Detritus's refusal to just follow orders when the orders are bloody stupid. Is it any wonder why Vimes calls him "One of his finest officers"?
    • Vimes also gets one for training his subordinates to be the kind of coppers who can be relied on to disobey even their commanding officer if he's being bloody stupid. And then giving Detritus that order knowing without a doubt that he would disobey. That's trust.
    • After witnessing this, an Uberwaldean guard decides to ditch his bloody stupid orders, and Vimes lets him by. "The man's decided he's got a duty to do."
  • When Sam, Sybil, and others are facing down a mob of angry dwarves, Sybil reduces the guards to tears by singing an aria from a famous dwarvish opera, forces Dee to let them see the Low King, and negotiates a very advantageous trade agreement. Because she'd studied dwarf opera decades ago in finishing school and then got bored sitting around the embassy.
    • Sybil knocked out a werewolf with a steel bar hard enough to bend the bar...while apologizing for being crude. Carrot and Vimes had to fight tooth and nail to knock out a werewolf.
  • Odd-looking and seemingly weak "clerk" Inigo Skimmer attacks some enemies by chopping them in the neck with his hand. Rather than stunning them as might be expected, it takes their heads clean off. Because he had a ridiculously sharp palm dagger. Also, of the more than a dozen men that attacked their carriages, Vimes killed one. Inigo killed six. When Vimes asked him ironically why he didn't kill more?
    Inigo: I only have two hands...
    • Vimes predicted that by the time they get to Bonk, all seven kills would be attributed to him (Vimes), and the number would have multiplied in the telling to thirty and a dog. He was accurate down to the dog.
  • Gavin attacks Wolfgang, despite knowing that the bastard has just beaten a guy who can floor trolls.
  • "This is how you win a dogfight!" - Gaspode the Wonder Dog, living up to his name
  • "Inigo looked down and swallowed. Vimes had a knife, too."
    Inigo: Then it's true. You really are no gentleman.
  • So commander Vimes is away. Captain Carrot is away as well. The current acting officer is Fred Colon (and the rest of the Watch is on strike because of that). Ankh-Morpork is having a completely crime-free day, because every criminal knows that Vimes is going to be back, very unhappy and ready to spread the misery around with a very big shovel.
  • This exchange regarding The Piecemaker:
    Vimes: Detritus, you can't fire that off in here! This is an enclosed building!
    Detritus: Only till I pull dis trigger, sir.
    • Even better since, at this point in his character development, it's equally possible that Detritus is being literal or letting off a one-liner, and you really can't tell which.
      • What else could one expect? Detritus pals around with Carrot "It'll be a blow for entertainment in this city" Ironfoundersson, after all!
  • Vimes' stroke of genius that keeps Tantony from arresting him on the grounds of the embassy.
    Vimes: Igor, I want you to tell this young man where he is.
    Igor: He's in Ankh-Morpork, marthter.
    • He then uses this again as grounds to arrest Wolfgang, along with baiting his opponent into explicitly saying he's resisting arrest to justify his use of force.
  • Carrot wrestles down a goddamn wolf!
  • Detritus actually, purposefully catches a massive falling chandelier before physics takes over and the thing collapses anyway.