Awesome / The Drew Carey Show

  • The cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway? wraps up Drew Live 2 with a game of Helping Hands. Brad is getting ready to shoot the rest of the cast with a can of silly string. Just as the game starts, the others all whip out their own cans, surprising Brad. Cue silly string fight!
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show vs. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert dance-off.
  • Lewis using a snowball to help Oswald win a brand new car.
  • Mr. Wick calling Mimi out for trying to blackmail him and for insulting his mother over the phone, it was SOOOO satisfying to see someone finally put her in her place, her Oh, Crap! reaction was priceless.
  • Drew beating up the guy who's stalking his ex-girlfriend Wendy.
  • When Mimi is finally fired at the start of one episode, Drew promises not to gloat and simply reaches into a drawer to get her severance package. Along with it, he takes out a CD Player and begins blaring Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead and proceeds to back flip excitedly around the office.
  • At their high school reunion, Kate explicitly tells the other members of Oswald's barbershop quartet that she's looking for a man with money. Their response (in song):
    You never talked to us in high school
    Why should we give a damn now?!