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Awesome: The Colour of Magic
  • A minor one, but pretty awesome. Rincewind tells Hrun to flip a coin. Hrun tells him to call it in the air, heads or tails. He flips it, and...
    Rincewind: Edge.
    • Guess what the coin lands on?
  • Any and all accounts of Rincewind's jaded Genre Savvy.
  • Twoflower manages to summon up a dragon — just by imagining it. And it's better than the dragons summoned up by people who knew it was possible.
  • The Luggage, for one, must have quite a lot of these, being the most badass suitcase with feet known to man. That eats people.
    • Its only function in life is to follow its owner. That shouldn't imply eternal existential rage, carnivorous habits, walk-through-walls stubbornness or the inability to grasp that it flat-out shouldn't be able to cross dimensions just to complete this task, but there we are. Nothing can stop it... although it often gets delayed or sent to the wrong location when its owner travels by air.
  • When the group is faced with Bel-Shamharoth, the Disc One Final Boss of the story, Twoflower ultimately defeats it in its true form (a giant eyeball) with the flash from his picture box.
  • An early awesome moment had Rincewind going to save Twoflower from assassins with merely a few bags of coins.

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