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Awesome: The Castle of Cagliostro
  • The entirety of the first car chase scene.
  • When Lupin and Jegin are being chased by ninjas in their car, they pile on the suped up subcompact car and the rogues have to get them off. How do they do that? Simple, they maneuver near a wall, put the car into a side-wheelie and they literally scrape them off!
  • The Autogyro hijacking and escape. Not to mention the whole Big Fancy Castle itself...
  • Roof Hopping Lupin.
  • "So help me, Count, if you lay one slimy finger on Clarisse, your precious ring is gonna end up like this!" *fake ring explodes into confetti in the Count's hand*
  • The entire climax of the film in and around the clock tower is both one for the animators and Lupin. After the terrific chase and fight amongst the gears, he manages to beat the Count by giving him exactly what he wants.
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