Awesome: The Book of Eli

  • Eli seems to perform one every other scene.
    • Nailing a cat in the first scene.
    • Curbstomping thugs under the bridge and later at the bar.
    • The Unflinching Walk during the shotout in the street.
    • The Bible Bomb
    • continuing his mission after being shot in the stomach.
    • Memorizing the entire King James Bible
    • Going through the entire movie while blind in both eyes.
  • Solara Took a Level in Badass to get her's. After Eli has been shot and she has been captured, she strangles the driver with string, walks out of the car after it rolls over, and then tosses a grenade under the Big Bad's car. It swerves but takes out the third car. When a mook asks if they should go back for her, Carnegie says 'no'.
  • Claudia gets one when, after cowering in fear of Carnegie the whole movie, allowing her daughter to be whored out as part of a job offer, and staying out of his way, finally gives him a thorough dressing down once he finds out that the Bible he's sacrificed so much to get turns out to be written in braille. She tells him his leg is infected and that he will most likely die of gangrene in a few days, that he's lost so many men that the ones he still has are doing nothing to stop the formerly intimidated townspeople from tearing up his bar, and then she walks out on him. Seeing her stand up for herself was one of the movie's best parts.
  • Redridge having enough strength to pull Eli's machete out of himself, exit the vehicle and die with some dignity. Doubles as a Tear Jerker, even in-universe for Carnegie.
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