YMMV / The Book of Eli

  • Anvilicious: Surprisingly averted. Although the whole thing could've easily turned into a Christian tract, it takes enough time to point out that religion/The Bible can just as easily be used for evil purposes as for good purposes. At no point is "save the Bible, save the world" insinuated. Indeed, at the end of the film, the Bible is placed on a shelf right between the Torah and the Quran, among other religious texts and some technical/scientific ones. The Bible could've been replaced with virtually any holy text, and the movie would've worked out the same. Thus suggesting that the message is about idealism, those who corrupt ideals for their own ends, and the importance of literacy and education to liberty.
  • Awesome Music: The main theme, "Panoramic" by Atticus Ross, that combined with the awesome desolated post-apocalyptic landscape with green clouds, back hair chills guaranteed.
  • Complete Monster: The despotic Carnegie uses his followers to rob and murder travelers, seeking a book to extend his grip on the post-apocalyptic world. Discovering Eli has the book he seeks, Carnegie tries to use Solara, the daughter of his abused mistress, to seduce Eli, and beats his mistress when Solara fails. Revealing the book to be a King James Bible, Carnegie intends to use it to manipulate people's faith for power. Pursuing Eli and Solara after they flee, when Eli gives Carnegie the book because of his threat to Solara's life, Carnegie immediately fatally shoots Eli, leaving excitedly to bend more people to his will.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Claudia's blindness has some parallels with Real Life: Mila Kunis (Solara) used to be blind in one eye due to chronic iritis.
  • Genius Bonus: For those familiar with Christian tradition. When someone says "God is good", it is common to respond with "All the time". Thus, Carnegie's use of this phrase is insulting on an even deeper level for Eli than one may first perceive.
    • In the Gospels, Jesus remarks on various occasions that even if Heaven and Earth are destroyed, the Bible will endure. The ozone layer (Heavens) are destroyed and the Earth is a wasteland, yet the Bible still survives.
    • On the same token, 2nd Corinthians 5:7 gets quoted. Walk by faith, not by sight. These words becoming extremely meaningful at the end.
  • It Was His Sled: A lot of people barely know anything about the movie except for Eli's blindness.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Despite being the most evil son of a bitch in the movie, Carnegie does have a certain charm to him that makes one see why people are willing to follow him. Being played by Gary Oldman certainly helps.
  • One-Scene Wonder: The shop keeper who barters with Eli, though he shows up again later for a brief time.
    • Since he's played by Tom Waits, he's going to be memorable.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The beginning of the trailer was enough to (briefly) fool some audience members into thinking that they had made Fallout 3 into a movie. Sadly not the case, but it should be interesting to note that the film's writer, Gary Whitta, Former PC Gamer editor-in-chief, is a self-proclaimed fan of the game. That being said, this may be as close to a Fallout 3 movie as we're ever going to get.