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Awesome: The Americans
  • Elizabeth beating down her rapist former captain and kicking his head through the garage wall. Badass to the fullest.
    • Phillip killing said rapist with one hand!
  • Philip threatening to kill Gregory if he harms Rob's wife.
  • Stan and his partner intimidating the Jerkass studio store employee.
  • The fight between Phillip and the uncle/brother of a family that he and Elizabeth are using as inside men. The awesomness is piling up quickly in this show.
  • After one of Elizabeth's honeytrap targets whips her with a belt during rough sex, Phillip's first instinct is to hunt the man down and murder him.
  • Elizabeth climbing out of the trunk of a vehicle on a lift in a garage with mechanics and an FBI agent present, and climbing into the trunk of another vehicle also on a lift. When she is driven off with she just walks out of a federal building by acting like she belongs there.
  • Phillip and Elizabeth are kidnapped and tortured by what appear to be American government agents who know they're Russian spies. When neither of them crack it's revealed that they are being held by men working for the Jennings' handler Claudia and they were ordered by the KGB to find the mole in DC. They were trying to determine Phillip and Elizabeth's loyalty. When they're released, Elizabeth goes berserk and proceeds to give a Curb-Stomp Battle on Claudia, an Old Soldier who survived the Battle of Stalingrad who's left whimpering and bloody on the ground. Phillip manages to keep Elizabeth from killing her and she gives her this message:
    Tell whoever approved this that your face is a present from me to them. Show them your face! SHOW IT TO THEM!!!
  • Henry Jennings helping his sister escape a creepy guy they met hitchhiking by smashing a beer bottle over the guy's head! At this rate, he'll be ready to join mom and dad in the spy game when he's a teenager.
  • In "Mutually Assured Destruction", Philip and Elizabeth are tasked with finding and stopping a contract killer whom the KGB hired to assassinate American scientists working on the missile defense system (Moscow hired the killer, then changed their minds and could no longer locate him). Philip and Elizabeth track the man down to the hotel where he's staying, break into his room, and order him to stop his mission at gunpoint. The man reveals that there's a bomb stuck to the wall where Philip is standing. He then draws a pistol and takes cover in the bathroom. A split-second before the killer can detonate the bomb, Elizabeth picks it up and tosses it through the bathroom door right as it detonates. The resulting explosion reduces the assassin to human hamburger.
  • Elizabeth tries to get information from Amador as he lies dying. Amador calmly, but defiantly tells her that she can torture him if she wants, but it won't matter in the end because the USSR is going to lose the Cold War.
  • Phillip talking down Fred, the man who thought he'd been blown.
  • Baklanov's Israeli watchers managing to spirit him out from under Philip and Elizabeth's noses, because Elizabeth was too focussed on smashing the guy's arms with the trunk while the woman scoots around and gets into the driver's seat and zooms off.
  • Hell, the counter-ambush itself counts. At last we have people who can hold their own against the Jennings.
  • Oleg secretly using the information he got about Nina against Stan.
  • Larick takes down Lucia despite getting shot by a tranquilizer dart first. Later, when Lucia makes another attempt, despite being told by Elizabeth to stand down, he strangles her to death while forcing Elizabeth to watch, knowing that he is way too valuable for the Soviets to be killed. After all the shit the KGB pulls on the United States in season 2, it's extremely satisfying to finally watch an American force the KGB to follow his terms.
  • In Season 2 the American government pulls off a pretty impressive Batman Gambit. Basically they come up with designs for new submarine rotors that are supposed to be groundbreaking, but are in actuality faulty and dangerous. They then put the plans in facilities all over the country and wait for the Soviets to steal them. The Soviets steal the plans as predicted and hurriedly fit one of their submarines with the new rotor design. The new rotor malfunctions and kills the entire crew of the submarine. After watching the KGB kick America's ass for most of season 2, it was refreshing seeing the US humiliate the Soviet Union like that.
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