Trivia / The Americans

  • Dawson Casting: The show's timeline progresses slower than real life's timeline. By season 3, Paige is 15 years old while the actress playing her is 17 years old. This is also true for Henry and his respective actor, who grows very noticeably taller between seasons. This is particularly noticeable in Season 4, which begins just one day after the end of Season 3, while the filming was separated by almost a year.
  • Directed by Cast Member: A few episodes directed by Matthew Rhys (Phillip) and Noah Emmerich (Stan).
  • Fake Russian: Played straight by the protagonist couple (an American and a Welshman), undercover agents and the handlers, averted otherwise by most of the supporting Soviet roles, played by Russian actors who speak actual Russian in their scenes.
  • Playing Against Type: Keri Russell has typically been known for playing good girls in movies and television shows. In this show she's a ruthless KGB operative who is willing to seduce, manipulate, blackmail, and murder in order to serve Mother Russia.
  • Romance on the Set: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys got together after Keri and her husband Shane Deary seperated in early 2013. Russell and Rhys are now expecting their first child in 2016.
  • Truth in Television: The Shoe Phone weapons used in the show have been used by real spies during the Cold War.
    • An umbrella with a hidden poisoned blade from Season 1 is reminiscent of a device that was used in the assassination of Georgi Markov in 1979. The historic assassin's umbrella did not have a blade but shot tiny poisonous pellets.
    • A cylindrical device Elizabeth used to poison a target in the pool was in fact a cyanide gun. The exact same weapon was used by a KGB assassin to eliminate leaders of the Ucranian nationalists in the late 50s. Elizabeth accurately points out that she needs to take an antidote pill to avoid poisoning herself. She even disguises her cyanide gun in a rolled up towel while the historical assassin hid his weapon in a rolled up newspaper.
  • Write What You Know: The show's creator, Joe Weisberg, is a former CIA Officer. Because of this, every script of The Americans must be submitted to the CIA for review to make sure that Weisberg didn't put any classified information in the script.