Awesome / The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Almost every character gets at least one if not more:
  • The principal at one point puts Little Pete, Nona, and Wayne in time out, but forgets to come back and take them out of it. They then spend the night at the School and trick the principal into thinking they've been sitting there all night, pressuring him to give them a day off.
  • Little Pete crashing a jetski into the public pool in "Splashdown"...which is then topped later in the episode by Little Pete being fully prepared to give up a summer of swimming by diving into the pool literally 5 seconds before adult swim ends in protest.
  • Little Pete gets several more during the episode "Dance Fever": He eats 15 buckets of cream corn to get out of going to the dance, then goes and shows the cream corn pumped from his stomach to kids for money, gets a teacher telling him to clean up said cream corn when his enemy spills it to pay him a dollar, uses floor wax to slide away from his enemy Pit Stain, and then uses said wax to save Nona from her dancing with her dad. Whew.
  • Monica gets one for solving the case of who was peeing in the pool in "Splashdown".
  • Big Pete's Batman Gambit in "Field of Pete".
    • To explain: He used Mr. Marron's obsession with the Orange Lazarus to cripple him and the entire team long enough to tie up the score, and then was ready to accept Little Pete destroying him, but knew that Little Pete's deep down goodness would win out.
  • The entire school's prank on Little Pete's principal during a mandatory ear-care assembly.
  • The ending of "On Golden Pete" is one for every Wrigley except Don. After Don banishes Big Pete from the boat for trying to save Bob, the bass he's been trying to catch, Little Pete realizes that his dad is gonna kill Bob and keeps the knife away from his dad so he can't cut the line. Joyce then signals to him, and also winks revealing she has something planned, and throws the knife to Big Pete who swims into the water and saves Bob.... By accidentally taking his place. But it's still awesome.
  • The end of "The Call". Not only did Little Pete get all of the way to the phone, and while his friends fell one by one, he succeeds in answering it, doing what everyone(Including it's intended recipient) was too afraid to do.
    • Followed by the person that the call was meant for Joyce (the Petes' mom), answering it.
  • Little Pete standing up to Paper Cut and getting all of his friends to join in, WITH WORDS.
    • Don (the Pete's dad) standing up to the Big Bad who manipulated him throughout both episodes.
    • Don summoning Artie.
  • Little Pete reminding Big Pete that Daylight Savings Time has granted him a re-do of the previous hour to fix his royally-screwed up date with Ellen. It works.
    • From that same episode, Little Pete stealing home videos of Endless Mike as a baby and playing them at the drive-in.
  • Artie's final use of his catch phrase before he leaves the show stretches the traditional Dramatic Pause between "Stongest Man" and "in the World" into twenty seconds of awesome Fan Fare as a steadycam pans around him in a circle.
  • "The Nightcrawlers" and Little Pete staying up for eleven nights straight to break the record. Becomes a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when his mom, whose insistence on early bed times caused him to attempt this out of defiance, joins him in order for him to last the last night
  • The entire family gets one at the end of "The King of the Road", in which they try to outdo the Perfect Family on an annual road trip to the Hoover Dam. It all boils down to one final showdown: roof stack packing. While Joyce immediately takes control of the car (keep in mind that she and Don were bickering about the competition only moments before), Don climbs out the window and begins stacking as many things as possible on top of the car. The Perfect Dad soon follows suit - carrying several extra bungee cords in his mouth - and crowns his pile with a stylish Japanese ceremonial doll. Defeated, Don slumps dejectedly back into the driver's seat, and Joyce consoles him. Inspired by his father's efforts, Big Pete strips naked - to the confusion and disgust of the Perfect Daughter - and contributes his clothes to their arsenal. The rest of the Wrigley family does the same, and their stack is just taller than that of the Perfect Family. Don finally earns the King of the Road license plate, and the family rides off, still nude, in victory.
    Big Pete: "When we exchanged license plates, The Perfect Dad wouldn't even look at our dad. It might have been because he was ashamed. Or it might've been because Dad was buck naked. As for the rest of the family, we all felt like Kings of the Road. Our elbows said it all."