Tear Jerker / The Adventures of Pete & Pete

  • "Farewell, My Little Viking" was a two-part episode dealing with the adults trying to get rid of Artie for good, by convincing him that his antics are sophomoric and unnecessary.
    • In Part 1, Artie leaves town to become a responsible adult, leaving Little Pete alone to face Papercut, a bully who can create hundreds of weapons from folded origami paper. Pete had always been able to defeat Papercut, but only when Artie was there to help him. Without the superhero, Pete backs down, taking the loser's penalty in Papercut's challenge. note 
    • In Part 2, Pete's dad realizes his mistake in having helped drive Artie away and goes looking for him to bring him back while Pete tries to muster the courage to face Papercut again. Pete and Papercut meet on the schoolyard for their final rematch just as Dad returns with Artie. Artie moves to the rescue... but holds back. Papercut throws Paper, just daring Pete to defy him. Pete is terrified... but then he throws Meteor!! Inspired, the kids step forward and throw other Third Options like Volcano, all designed to destroy Paper. Papercut has a Villainous Breakdown and flees, leaving Pete victorious. He sees Artie and goes over to celebrate, but it is a Bittersweet Ending. Artie is proud, but sad, since Pete winning on his own means that Pete doesn't need him anymore. Artie decides to leave town for good. He knows Pete will be okay without him, and somewhere out there is another little boy in need of his own personal superhero. Especially effective given the usage of "Why I Cry" by The Magnetic Fields at the end of the episode.