Awesome / Tay Zonday

  • Tay covered the theme to Skyrim in February 2013.
  • An excellent cover of Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons".
  • Him and Captain Sparklez played Team Fortress 2 for charity, against players such as Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane of the Yogscast. The result was a total Curb-Stomp Battle in Jordan and Tay's favour.
  • His contribution of the chorus to Dan Bull's Doomfist Rap, easily the biggest Ear Worm in the entire Ear Worm of a track.
    Every battle galvanizes the powerful / Weakness is a trait we won't tolerate or allow for / It's survival of the fittest / Ruling with an iron fist / And pulverizing fools who try and resist
    Every battle galvanizes those who merit it / Without the winning hand you're doomed to go uncredited / It's survival of the worthy / Gain control over the Earth / Those who don't deserve a role / Are thrown into a world of hurt