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Taken (Film)

Taken 2 (Film)
  • Kim insists on finding Bryan and Lenore and she calmly follows Bryan's instructions- eluding some mooks and dropping grenades off rooftops so he can tell how close she is and tossing him a gun.
    • Also Kim managing to outrun her pursuers in a car chase despite not even having a license.
  • Murad sends about 6 guys to capture Bryan. He should have sent more.
  • Bryan's final fight with the last Albanian.
  • The villains deserve some credit for what they did in the sequel: Without having so much as a name or description of him, they tracked down Bryan's name, location and family. And along the way managed to attack a french officer with no repercussions. Impressive, most impressive.
    • On the flipside, there's Bryan discovering his location through some incredibly elaborated methods, then getting out using the enviroment, and proceeding to destroy a entire ARMY of Albanian criminals and corrupt cops. While saving his daughter and his wife. In less than a day.
  • Bryan coldly and wordlessly killing Murad. He shows the bastard what happens when you break a promise seconds after agreeing to one.

Taken 3 (Film)
  • Bryan telling Stuart that he'll be waiting for him once he gets out of prison with his particular set of skills.
  • Bryan attacking Oleg Malankov's suite, as well as Bryan's final fight with Malankov.
  • Bryan ramming a Porsche into the wheels of Stuart's plane during the final chase sequence.