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Nightmare Fuel: Taken
  • See Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique.
  • Not to mention Bryan's cold speech about how outsourcing torture to Third World nations was ineffecient because of unreliable power grids, forcing torturers to use even more extreme methods. However, in an industrial nation like France, he can just leave the power on "until it's disconnected for lack of payment on the bills"... Which is exactly what he does.
  • Bryan searching through an impromptu brothel, coming upon several young women who are all sickly, sweaty and have their arms covered in needle marks. Brrr.
    • Him finding Amanda's body, handcuffed to the bed, dead of an overdose.
  • The scene near the end when Bryan stumble into what can best be described as "eBay for sex slaves." Hearing the voiceover refer to these living, breathing human beings as though they're mere things ("As usual, we've saved the best for last, "That concludes the sales for tonight," "You can collect your purchases directly.") gives me chills every time.
  • The flashback from the girl who had Kim's jacket when she was taken to the "red 'ouse". The guy with her in the car isn't Peter. This means the gang had several spotters out snaring young women, not just the guy Bryan beats up and inadvertently kills.
    • It seems rather obvious that the organization has multiple spotters. I mean, all the girls on the construction site, the "red 'ouse", the club and not to mention all those who have disappeared or died by the time the film takes place can't have been one man's work alone.
  • The whole friggin' movie. Or to phrase it another way: for the love of all that's holy, DO NOT show this movie to a parent whose teenage child is planning on going overseas soon.
  • Bryan Mills himself counts. The fact that such a normal, kind man is capable of dishing out so much pain on other fellow humans without flinching is chilling. Yes, in the movies he mostly unleashes his skills on people who deserved, but considering that the CIA certainly isn't always spot on in their intel, there is always the possibility that Mills had gone after innocents while he was an active agent.
    • You might want to consider that there is a given value of "innocent". It is incredibly unlikely that an organization such as the CIA would waste resources on making someone disappear before interrogating them if said person wasn't at least remotely connected to their objective. They might end up accidentally going after someone that isn't all that important, but they aren't going to be dealing with very nice people in the first place.
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