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Tear Jerker: Taken
  • Several points when the action slows down and you see how afraid Bryan is that he'll never see his baby girl again. Particularly the scene where she's taken and you can see Bryan's eyes welling up with tears as he hears her being carried away by the sex traffickers.
    • It's the kind of thing that defines Adult Fear, and it's the only moment in the entire film that you can see Bryan feeling powerless. All he can do is listen for clues and swear that he'll find her. And then the iconic, glorious Roaring Rampage of Rescue begins.
  • Same thing happens in the sequel, only this time it's Lenore that gets taken away.
  • Amanda's death
  • The fates of all the poor girls that were kidnapped, drugged up, and sold into sex slavery. Their families are probably never going to know what happened to them, and they'll either live a horrible life or die early.
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