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Awesome: Swamp Thing

The comic

  • One issue had Constantine, Zatara, Zatanna and a few others are having a seance (at Constantine's instigation) to try and make contact with the massively powerful abomination threatening the very universe. It realizes what they are doing and starts burning them up one by one. It reaches Zatanna and begins to burn her, but Zatara casts a spell where it will take him instead. Before he dies, he turns to Constantine and flat out states "if my daughter doesn't make it out of this alive, my shade will hound you for all eternity". He then proceeds to silently SIT THERE and just STARE at Constantine as he burns to ashes. The fact that he was so stoic in the face of death, while delivering to Constantine an ultimatum that he would put up with NONE of Johnny's usual shit was just... amazing.
  • Swamp Thing's battle with the Floronic Man. Not the fight itself. But how he won. Namely, by having such a good argument against wiping out all animal life, it drove the Floronic Man insane. Well, more insane.
  • Etrigan in general, really.
    FEAST, Jack-an-ape! Eat hearty while you can! UPON YOUR NECK'S THE BREATH OF ETRIGAN!

The film:

  • As Alec and Linda are captured by mooks, Anton Arcane reveals himself:
    Alec: [sees Ritter before him] No, Ritter. Not you.
    Ritter: No, Dr. Holland, not Ritter. [voice changes] Ritter, poor fellow, is long dead.
    Arcane: [removes his mask] You have heard of but never seen me, so I will introduce myself: My name is Arcane.

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