Awesome / Something Awful: Dungeons & Dragons

  • The Curb-Stomp Battle the party inflicts on an assassin in Episode 4, Act 5, allowing the team to turn the tables after a series of Critical Failure.
  • The team's second encounter with assassins has Miriam pulling some Prince of Persia style acrobatics and wall-running to get behind the enemy and use an attack to hold him in place.
  • When the gang starts fighting Lady Medusa and her four knights, neither side is getting any head way. Then, Joey decides to go all in, running into the fray and taking a critical to the face. He proceeds to get bloody, letting him enter a berseker rage, critically hitting Lady Medusa not once, but twice, taking off forty-four health as if it were nothing. Joey Hoofsz, the one who usually rolls ones, critted the leader of a faction twice in a row.
  • Miriam's surprise attack on a powerful spellcaster by ninja-jumping her ass.
    • Dropping a 10-ton weight onto a succubus by teleporting it directly over them.
    • Wiping out three Dragon/bug hybrids at full health with one attack while on fire. Which she saves against immediately after.
    • Rapping at an enemy and doing "44 rhythm damage" quoth Joey: "You just got Li-buried". It scared a nearby Cloud Giant
  • Kensington and Algernon's rescue of Joey.
  • Kennsington getting up after being killed, killing the creature that just killed him and chaining that into 5 more kills in one turn.
    Kaz: Especially surprising as he thought he just killed you
  • Kennsington and Gibnaf saving the club from an exploding Minerelle
  • The conclusion of the Focus Tower plot.
  • The conclusion of the Prestige fight.
  • This is the music that played when the group fought Kensignton. The music fits perfectly, and helps to sell how AWESOME the finale of the Heroic tier is. The group kills Kensington's brother, destroys multiple demons, and beats a dragon into submission. They've certainly come a long way from cowering at small corridors and fearing a couple powerful adventurers.
  • The party takes on the Ivy Heart in the Ancient Tomb, along with some undead enemies. After a rough start and much complaining, everyone curbstomps the thing once they are able to crowd around it, culminating with Kod slamming it into an area where magic lightning kills it.
  • At the beginning of the battle in Bonerton Joey gets on a roll, getting 3 natural 20's in 4 rolls managing to do 53 damage with a basic melee attack.
  • Defeating the powerful dragon Crazy Horse without a single character being killed despite the dragon being 5 levels higher than the party and having 4 digits of HP.
  • The party during the Thieves's Guild plot solving their respective puzzles. Highlights include Minerelle ripping a man's arm off and using his blood to become him, and Kodrinschreiner outwitting the library portion by tricking the librarian into stealing a book HE brought in and accusing him of theft.
  • One for Syrg. Before the party attempts to head to Ioun's library, Gibnaf has a talk with his girlfriend, Thalassa...and before they end their talk, Plaz tries to play chicken with Syrg, telling him to do something lovey-dovey and expecting him not to do anything. Syrg's response?
    Syrg/Thalassa: I wuv youuuu, Gibby-poo.
    Ironicus:...Annnnd we're off.
    Drakeal: Excuse me, I need to go hurl uncontrollably.
    Syrg: Never play chicken with Syrg.
  • Though nothing much comes of it, after 80 episodes, it finally happens: Joey Hoofsz Vs. Minerelle Orr.
  • During the final fight against Fake Joey Hoofsvz, the real Joey, desperate to prove he's the better version, gets hacked to the floor again and again but just will not stay down. The first two times he's knocked down to 0 HP, he uses one of his powers to bounce straight back up and deal a huge amount of damage to Fake Joey each time. The third time Fake Joey smacks him to the ground, seemingly for good this time, he stays down for a while, and Fake Joey continues to attack him even as he lies dying... and then Wolfshirt rolls a natural 20 and Joey gets back up, again, and does the attack that finally kills Fake Joey for good.
    Joey: Shut the fuck up, I'm here.
  • Even better is how Fake Joey dies. Miriam flies at nearly the speed of sound above the minotaur before divebombing him, causing him to nearly collapse then and there, before Algernon jumps and SLICES HIS HEAD HALF OPEN. Yet Fake Joey STILL keeps fighting, trying to wrangle Algernon off him while also trying to finish off Real Joey. Algernon keeps slicing as a battered Joey staggers up, snorts at Fake Joey in a rage, and Algernon slices Fake Joey down to right next to the heart. At this point, Minerelle, determined to end Fake Joey, who, by the way, is STILL attacking, makes a final push and raids his mind, letting the copy realize his mother is there and still loves him, causing him to shed a single tear and leave him wide open for Joey's final two attacks. This includes Joey using his axe as a mallet and driving Algernon's sword deep enough to touch Fake Joey's HEART, AND THEN HITTING IT AGAIN TO DRIVE IT THROUGH THE HEART FULLY AND OUT FAKE JOEY'S BACK. Fake Joey understandably dies.
  • EVERYONE, the villains and heroes and unaffiliated parties included, during the Attack on Baphomet Arc. Not only does everyone walk right into a Baphomet trap knowingly (Even Minerelle, who has EVERY reason not to), they waltz in, kick the leader's ass, and, even as the villains have a CMOA, boxing everyone in and preventing their escape, every single member, even MINERELLE AGAIN to an extent, fights as their powers dwindle, the fight getting progressively stacked against them, and the DRACOLICH'S CMOA has Gibnaf accidentally kill three prisoners...which, by the way, was a CMOA on Miriam's part, inciting a prison riot and holding the line for the rest of the party's escape route. ANOTHER for Minerelle (She gets a LOT here, contrary to how Joey would feel about her, at one point, running away.) has her TELEPORT A FIRE DEMON INTO A FISH TANK WITH A MERMAN IN IT THAT THE LEADER WAS GLOATING ABOUT. And AGAIN for Minerelle, even as she is safe and sound, and able to escape alone at any time...she shows she does truly care for the party, opening a portal she knows would probably get her killed, all so she can make another escape route for her friends. And yes, she goes down SWINGING HER HARDEST there, massacring minions, screwing with the portal location, and showing how she really IS the party's lancer and Joey's closest companion. Of course, there are plenty of crowning moments for everyone else, Joey preforming a charge on the Leader to shut him up, Algernon COMPLETELY neutralizing the Leader, Kod taking hits like the tank he is just to get to the party members in trouble, Gibnaf freeing prisoners and, despite the Dracolich's interference, doing a pretty damn good job wiping out their foes, and Miriam hilariously stopping a having him write up a report. Truly, the best fight for everyone. Though... It moves into a Tearjerker when, as stated above, Minerelle Orr DOES die.
  • Miriam's unflappable calm in Baphomet's realm, while talking to Baphomet, a demon lord comparable to a god.
    • Which is nothing compared to what she almost immediately does right as she starts talking to the spirit of Minerelle. A demon lord that is so powerful that he may as well be a god, a creature so strong he made fake Joey turn from a considerable threat to a fucking one man boss encounter able to go toe-to-toe with Miriam, Algernon, and Joey...all at ONCE. not only freaks out for a moment that Miriam got in...Miriam proceeds to, in so many words, call him pathetic and pointless, before SHUTTING HIM UP. In HIS realm.
  • A series of moments when the party returns to Bonerton the third time. First, Minerelle has a REALLY good plan, scaring the shit out of some cultists by making a decoy of Stefon the lich, then Miriam tricks a street tough trying to attack the party...and then FRANCIS stabs the street tough in the back.
  • The plan by the team: Wreck the Church of the Sleeping Eye while Francis exposes the missing orphans in the Thief district, all while Flattop fires nonlethal shots at corrupt nobles. And it works perfectly. Especially when the Dracolich starts ranting.
  • The final encounter solved by the greatest legal loophole. Thraxi wants a district. So they give him the Noble District; a shirt Joey wore to be the Noble District.