YMMV / Something Awful: Dungeons & Dragons

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Gibnaf's uncle, who is unceremoniously and instantly killed from a distance after the party make a deal with a Dracolich.
    • Said Dracolich is then defeated by the power of bureaucracy.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Ironically enough, Joey. As much as he claims to only want money, there are DOZENS of moments in the campaign where Joey actually shows himself to be an overall decent person. He even lampshades it when trying to bring the elves and Bonerton into a mutual agreement, stating that he wouldn't profit either way, and just thought it was the right thing to do. Perhaps the sweetest moment is when a messenger of Ioun tells Joey his punishment for taking one of Ioun's books: Miriam Webster getting progressively worse punishment every hour. Keep in mind that Miriam has, at this point in the campaign, been gone an INCREDIBLY long time, and all the party members basically admit she's gone for good. Thankfully, Miriam DOES rejoin the party only about nine sessions later How does Joey react, despite the fact Miriam has no way to thank him, reward him, or help him in ANY way? Joey shows genuine concern for someone who can do nothing for him, with one shocked word.
    Joey: WHAT!?
  • Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming: The scene in Baphomet's dimension where Miriam and Minerelle speak, where Minerelle cements how she truly feels about herself: a greedy, selfish coward...who does what she does to help her friends and make herself shine in their eyes. You can tell that Miriam is proud the entire time, especially when Minerelle decides that she isn't the kind of person who is comfortable talking about herself...only for the proverbial music to swell as Miriam gains her second wing. It turned out that, all along, all Minerelle had to do was be completely straight with herself. Heartwarming indeed.
  • YMMV, but seeing Minerelle when Acererak was first mentioned, she was cowering in FEAR. By the time Algeron's death put some determination in her, it's nice to see the transformation from her frightened state of mind to a more determined one. This also doubles as a funny moment, when the team beats down Acererak's last defenses:
    Minerelle: Fuck you, Acererak! We got you.
  • Irony: Syrg tries to make the fight against Crazy Horse not an easy victory, and house rules that Minerelle's Dominate attack doesn't hit but can be used again. Guess what ends up trivializing Crazy Horse when Minerelle does it again, to the point Syrg starts drinking?
  • Tear Jerker: The start of session 96. The players knew that Minerelle was dead, but the characters didn't know that JOEY and Minerelle were dead. To see their reactions, (Plaz actually QUITTING in sheer sadness) is heartwrenching, especially when one considers just how much those two really kept the team going. Joey was THE leader, he was THE face. He led everyone into battle, and he truly fought to the last. He was goofy and sarcastic, but, as mentioned above...he truly was the jerk with a heart of gold. And Minerelle. She was the second, and the cowardly lion everyone loved. She too died a heroic death, delaying Baphomites despite her cowardly nature and doing her damndest to save everyone. It stings even more once someone realizes both of their more recent actions: only a few sessions ago, Minerelle and Miriam were starting to show signs of partnership, and even had a funny moment where a tearful Minerelle and a kind Miriam agreed to start poetry lessons...and before her untimely death, Kod even had a moment where it accepted Minerelle, if only for a shockingly smart plan she had. Those two were ALWAYS at each other's necks. And Joey, before his last fight, basically told Algernon to get the fuck outta dodge. It's implied that he fought his hardest just to give everyone time to escape into the white void. And then, to make the situation MORE heartwrenching, the party reads a note that basically functions as a smug moment for Baphomet, describing how Joey and Minerelle were equal to Kod and that their sacrifices appeased him slightly. So now the evil dark god is LAUGHING at them. Their deaths don't stick, but DAMN, it's the low point for everyone.