Awesome / Smash Generation

  • Shaun Greil's introduction in the series starts with him kicking Captain Falcon's ass in a Brawl. That, and his Final Smash.
  • Most of the Smash Generation member's introductions at the opening ceremony are displayed to make them seem appealing. It worked for Lance.
  • Luigi and Mario's fight in the second episode was very well done and well-written that it blew readers away for sure.
  • The attack that happened in Episode Two with the men in black with Crazy Hand and his words that followed were certainly overly dramatic, but awesome in it's own right, especially when the Smash Generation and the Smashers get in on the action.
  • Shaun's explanation of Dakota to her future mother sums her up pretty well: "You have a very violent and hard-headed girl that is trigger happy and loves fire. What is there to get about that?"
  • Dakota's really awesome fight against Kuromeru. She ends it with a bang. A couple hundred, really.