Funny: Smash Generation

  • The hilarity starts before the story even begins! The bit about the series opening to a really lame anime opening sequence always gets this troper laughing.
  • Admit it: You laughed when you read Zant was cut from the tournament due to being "clearly insane".
  • Dakota complaining about Captain Falcon in the first episode always gets laughs, especially the extended version.
  • Shaun Greil's first line is directed at Dakota. It's "SHUT UP!"
    • Her reaction also earns a few laughs.
  • During the opening ceremony, when everyone thinks that the introductions are over with, Nutjob shows up with "Alright, now this is going to take a while!" and proceeds to introduce three quarters of the Smash Generation.
    • And then he mentions he's getting tired of sibling duos.
    • And Crazy Hand's finishing lines on the ceremony by saying that the Smashers should help the Smash Generation since they can't use the microwave. (Dakota later mentions that they got rid of them)
  • Hands can spin in chairs?
    • Apparently, because Crazy Hand was doing it.
    • Suki even witnessed it!
  • Most of the Side Tracks were written to gain a few laughs.
  • Just the fact that Crazy Hand can't remember a name to save his life. The nicknames he comes up with always get laughs.
  • "I sure hope Snake's okay. Captain Falcon can kiss my ass before I feel sorry for him though." - Samus
    • "Yeah. Although in my case he can kiss my horse's ass." - Seth in reply
  • Any of the Dakota vs. Shaun fights that include the scoreboards also get laughs. The first time it happened you don't even get a warning, it's just there!
  • It's amazing what goes on when you read the random bits of information at the end. At the end of Episode Two, one of the Info Bits (By Axann) states the bomb being set up was originally going to set off Twilight from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Unfortunately, Chrislma, on a "fine blue moon" had "happened to remember" that Twilight was the cause of the "spirit of some spring being broken up into tears of light". (Or something along those lines, apparently she was using some really technical terms.) One day while playing Brawl, she just so happened to remember Subspace.
  • Samus has a very violent, hard-headed girl that is trigger happy and loves fire. What is there to get about that?
  • When Shiroi reveals herself to Ness, Lucas, Popo and Toon Link in Kokiri Village and says "Hello", laughs are sure to erupt when Popo chirps "Hi!" in response.
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