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Heartwarming: Smash Generation
  • After the attack on the stadium, it left Toon Link ill and injured. Unable to go any further, he tells Ness and Popo, struggling to get him out, to leave him behind because he doesn't want to drag them down. Popo, still blubbering about losing Nana, remarks that he's not going to lose Toon Link too, and that he's not going to let Toony just die. He carries Toon Link single-handedly across the field, Ness following behind helplessly.
  • The only scene featuring the Pokemon of the Pokemon Trainers has them trying to cheer up Charizard, because he felt that he had failed Jigglypuff and Pikachu. It always makes this troper smile.
  • The entire scene where Link and Toon Link are reunited, and Toon Link declares that they shouldn't blame anyone for why he's sick.

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