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Awesome: Silver Spoon
  • Spanning from Chapter 9-10, Hachiken makes Pizza with an old, beat-up stone oven discovered under a pile of rubble. And in a way, involved the entire school community with it. Awesome enough for a reclusive City Mouse.
  • Yugo hanging onto Chestnut for dear life to finish one of his races. Believe me, it's more awesome than it sounds.
  • Once Hachiken learns to trust his horse more in episode 3 of season 2, Chestnut does an amazing jump over a small fence that he earlier refused to. Although Hachiken falls off due to not being prepared, Chestnut leaps really high, causing some of the students to state they've never seen a horse go that high before. Hachiken, despite falling, is both amazed and humbled by the new experiences and views obtained when riding a horse.
  • Beppu. Just... Beppu. His facial expressions alone are awesome enough.
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