Funny: Silver Spoon

  • The Phys Ed teacher is Major Alex Louis Armstrong.
    • Who teaches his class by having them run laps around the school (About 20km when you include the fields and forest).
  • While cleaning the school grounds, Hachiken finds and drags back a discarded Colonel Sanders statue. Lord knows who dumped it by the side of the road, but everything involving the boys' shenanigans with it from that point onwards is laugh-out-loud hilarious.
  • Really, practically anything Hachiken says or does is hilarious, mostly due to the ridiculous facial expressions he uses.
    • They're infectious as people who have spent time with him, such as Aki and her family, have started doing them; and it's hilarious every time.
    • It seems to be genetic, as chapter 74 shows that Hachiken's mother has rather animated reactions towards the (gruesome and uncanny to an outsider) day-to-day activities of the school. Her reactions are somewhat more subdued than her son's.
  • Aki's father talking Hachiken through quartering a deer.
  • Aki's father tells Hachiken how to identify the age of the cows by their udders and how low they hang. His wife smacks him with a broom.
  • When Hachiken and Aikawa come back from summer break:
    Unknown girl: Hey Aikawa, Hachiken. Welcome back.
    Aikawa: Who was that?
    (Unknown girl/Tamako Inada flips her name plate over)
    Aikawa/Hachiken: (in Unison) THAT'S HUMPTY?!?!?
  • Vice-President's dog became Vice-President!
  • Horses don't step on people. Really.
  • Shingo taking a picture of Yugo's Crowning Moment of Awesome:
    Shingo: I got a shot of your best moment, so I'm gonna send it to Mom.
    [shows Yugo hanging onto Chestnut for dear life]
    • ...then Yugo breaks the phone in half!
    • ...and after a while while Shingo is glad that the phone's memory is saved at least, Ayame's horse finally destoys it in its entirety.
  • When Yugo asks around for ways to make money, one man mentions watering down milk to make a profit and some ways to avoid getting caught. When Yugo is about to question this, for obvious reason, the man cuts him off screaming "If you even think about it, I will kill you!"
    • The way absolutely everyone he asks about the money problem brings up crabs.
      • Crabs are mentioned again as a possible source of income in Chapter 87, this time from Yugo's Russian sister-in-law Alexandra. Cue Yugo's face of disbelief.
  • In the special chapters, when Hachi realizes that Toku just has bad eyesight.
    Hachi: Here, try to put these on…
    Toku: Hum, thanks… *puts the glasses on and stops squinting her eyes*
    Toku: Eh? Oh, sure.
    • As well as another man's bugged-out eyes expression in the same panel. He was either taken aback by the question and response, Toku's transformation, or both.
  • Aki's mom and grandmother are ecstatic at the thought of having Hachiken as son-in-law.
    • Aki's family contemplating about her bad grades. Much to her dismay.
    • Yugo exclaiming that he'll take responsibility and help Aki. Her mother and grandmother are ecstatic. Her father on the other hand is trying to smash Yugo with a table. He then threatens him to not touch his daughter and make sure she pass...or else.
    • When Aki's father picks up the table to throw, all the other members of the family pulled the dishes off even as they were squeeing. They saw this coming.
  • Yugo getting the death punishment via gym sock from a jealous upperclassmen because he was helping Aki and the two were alone.
    • Yugo getting jealous texts from his former schoolmates.
  • Yugo, Tokiwa and Taro finds the concept of Men's bath yogurt disgusting. So Hajime suggests women's bath yogurt.
    Yugo, Tokiwa and Taro: "You're a Genius!"
  • Yugo's mother excitedly tells him that she liked the yogurt he brought home. You know, the "Men's Bath Yogurt"? Yugo could only respond near-catatonic, muttering apologies to his poor, unsuspecting mother.
    • Just before that, her chatting with Aki sparking off a lot of hilarious classmate speculative thought bubbles. Shipping! It's a free action!
  • The totally in-sync, spontaneous and hilarious reaction of both Yugo and Tamako when Tokiwa offers to help with the books for the pork fund: instant physical response has never been so immediate, or, on Tamako's side, so heart-felt. Please note just how quickly this comes on the heels of Tokiwa basically selling his future to Tamako at incredible interest just to enter the pork fund at all.
  • Hachiken's dad comes to his school. To survive him you have the following choice:
    • Bow down to him.
    • Playing opossum.
    • Look straight at him, don't avert your eyes or you will be killed!
  • When Yugo imagines his dad meeting Aki's, he makes one of his hilarious horrified expressions and imagines them as two battling human Kaiju.
  • Nakajima-sensei rises from his post-festival stupor, as if an ancient evil recently reawakened.