Funny / Silver Spoon

  • The Phys Ed teacher is Major Alex Louis Armstrong.
    • Who teaches his class by having them run laps around the school (About 20km when you include the fields and forest).
  • While cleaning the school grounds, Hachiken finds and drags back a discarded Colonel Sanders statue. Lord knows who dumped it by the side of the road, but everything involving the boys' shenanigans with it from that point onwards is laugh-out-loud hilarious.
  • Really, practically anything Hachiken says or does is hilarious, mostly due to the ridiculous facial expressions he uses.
    • They're infectious as people who have spent time with him, such as Aki and her family, have started doing them; and it's hilarious every time.
    • It seems to be genetic, as chapter 74 shows that Hachiken's mother has rather animated reactions towards the (gruesome and uncanny to an outsider) day-to-day activities of the school. Her reactions are somewhat more subdued than her son's.
  • Aki's father talking Hachiken through quartering a deer.
  • Aki's father tells Hachiken how to identify the age of the cows by their udders and how low they hang. His wife smacks him with a broom.
  • When Hachiken and Aikawa come back from summer break:
    Unknown girl: Hey Aikawa, Hachiken. Welcome back.
    Aikawa: Who was that?
    (Unknown girl/Tamako Inada flips her name plate over)
    Aikawa/Hachiken: (in Unison) THAT'S HUMPTY?!?!?
  • Vice-President's dog became Vice-President!
  • Horses don't step on people. Really.
  • Shingo taking a picture of Yugo's Crowning Moment of Awesome:
    Shingo: I got a shot of your best moment, so I'm gonna send it to Mom.
    [shows Yugo hanging onto Chestnut for dear life]
    • ...then Yugo breaks the phone in half!
    • ...and after a while while Shingo is glad that the phone's memory is saved at least, Ayame's horse finally destoys it in its entirety.
  • When Yugo asks around for ways to make money, one man mentions watering down milk to make a profit and some ways to avoid getting caught. When Yugo is about to question this, for obvious reason, the man cuts him off screaming "If you even think about it, I will kill you!"
    • The way absolutely everyone he asks about the money problem brings up crabs.
      • Crabs are mentioned again as a possible source of income in Chapter 87, this time from Yugo's Russian sister-in-law Alexandra. Cue Yugo's face of disbelief.
  • In the special chapters, when Hachi realizes that Toku just has bad eyesight.
    Hachi: Here, try to put these on…
    Toku: Hum, thanks… *puts the glasses on and stops squinting her eyes*
    Toku: Eh? Oh, sure.
    • As well as another man's bugged-out eyes expression in the same panel. He was either taken aback by the question and response, Toku's transformation, or both.
  • Aki's mom and grandmother are ecstatic at the thought of having Hachiken as son-in-law.
    • Aki's family contemplating about her bad grades. Much to her dismay.
    • Yugo exclaiming that he'll take responsibility and help Aki. Her mother and grandmother are ecstatic. Her father on the other hand is trying to smash Yugo with a table. He then threatens him to not touch his daughter and make sure she pass...or else.
    • When Aki's father picks up the table to throw, all the other members of the family pulled the dishes off even as they were squeeing. They saw this coming.
  • Yugo getting the death punishment via gym sock from a jealous upperclassmen because he was helping Aki and the two were alone.
    • Yugo getting jealous texts from his former schoolmates.
  • Yugo, Tokiwa and Taro finds the concept of Men's bath yogurt disgusting. So Hajime suggests women's bath yogurt.
    Yugo, Tokiwa and Taro: "You're a Genius!"
  • Yugo's mother excitedly tells him that she liked the yogurt he brought home. You know, the "Men's Bath Yogurt"? Yugo could only respond near-catatonic, muttering apologies to his poor, unsuspecting mother.
    • Just before that, her chatting with Aki sparking off a lot of hilarious classmate speculative thought bubbles. Shipping! It's a free action!
  • The totally in-sync, spontaneous and hilarious reaction of both Yugo and Tamako when Tokiwa offers to help with the books for the pork fund: instant physical response has never been so immediate, or, on Tamako's side, so heart-felt. Please note just how quickly this comes on the heels of Tokiwa basically selling his future to Tamako at incredible interest just to enter the pork fund at all.
  • Hachiken's dad comes to his school. To survive him you have the following choice:
    • Bow down to him.
    • Playing opossum.
    • Look straight at him, don't avert your eyes or you will be killed!
  • When Yugo imagines his dad meeting Aki's, he makes one of his hilarious horrified expressions and imagines them as two battling human Kaiju.
  • Nakajima-sensei rises from his post-festival stupor, as if an ancient evil recently reawakened.
  • Chapter 109 has Hachiken's dad perform the Moment Killer to end all Moment Killers...asking where's the exit because he got lost. Hachiken and Aki are appropriately catatonic with surprise, staring up at him.
  • Chapter 113: Sakae speaks for everyone regarding Hachiken and Mikage's relationship. "You're so boring! JUST BANG ALREADY!"
    • Taken Up to Eleven in 120, when Sakae nearly uses the phrase straight out:
    Then go to his apartment, give him a reply, and ENGAGE IN AN IMPURE ADULT RELATIONSHIP!!!
  • After Yugo makes the bacon, he becomes crazy popular. One day a girl comes to ask him something during lunch and gets really embarrassed. Everyone stares excitedly while Mikage looks calmly at her bento, croquette half raised. When the girl asks for some of his bacon, the croquette drops and Mikage doesn't even notice because she's focused on looking at her bento.