Awesome / Shadow Hearts

  • If you successfully meet the requirements for the Good Ending, then just as Alice is about to surrender her soul and life to ensure Yuri's as per their contract, Yuri barges in, yells at Atman not to touch his woman and beats the living crap out of it. Following this, he later goes back to his graveyard mind. The Four Masks, who up until now have been treating Yuri like crap - belittling him, insulting him, threatening him - are outright freaked the hell out by his presence. In a last attempt to be defiant, they decline his demand for an apology... until he starts cracking his knuckles. They apologize.
  • Yuri gets one right at his introduction in Shadow Hearts 1. As he followed Bacon, he had his arm sliced off by the minion the man had used to slaughter an entire train of Japanese Soldiers. Without a blink, he immediately catches the imp, crushed it in his hand before reattaching his fallen arm back on.
    • When he and Alice stopped in Monster Town - it wasn't because of Plot-induced stupidity you would see in other games, they knew it was a trap, but decided to head in, intending to kick some ass before going to bed.
    • Watch the ending of Covenant, then go back to Shadow Hearts listen to Yuri's account of what happened to his mother... and then reload a file right before the final fight with Dehuai. Killing that bastard becomes SO much more rewarding!
    • Yuri is made of Crowning Moments of Awesome. One favorite is this exchange from Covenant between him and a Big Bad god of destruction on the verge of destroying the world:
      Nicholai-Astaroth: "My soul has been revived. The age of Mankind is coming to an end. Joy... sadness... desire... all of it is finished now. I will usher in a glorious new future."
      Yuri: "Before you do, can I ask a favor?"
      Nicholai-Astaroth: "What do you wish, human?"
      Yuri: "I wish you'd shove it. You know where."
      Nicholai-Astaroth: "......"
    • This (spoilerish) scene from SHII: Yuri manage to have a Heroic B.S.O.D., a Kick the Dog moment and a CMOA in the SAME scene. And, come on, a Japanese game where we see a half-Japanese protagonist beating the hell out of a Japanese nationalist politician? You can hardly make something better than that.
  • Rasputin doing the arms-spread fall off the edge of the Russian Palace and landing on his armoured zeppelin/airship, and smugly flying away. Only for Yuri, watching from below, to just smirk and transform into the(previously inaccessible) form of Amon, Demon of Destruction.