Trivia / Shadow Hearts

  • Executive Meddling: Hiroki Kikuta, director of Koudelka, wanted to make the game much more Survival Horror in nature; the rest of Sacnoth (ex-Square employees) wanted to make something closer to Final Fantasy. The resulting game was an unhappy compromise between the two clashing gameplay styles.
  • Historical In-Joke: Potentially, in the case of Anastasia's camera. Among other things, she is known for taking one of the older selfies on record in 1913.
    • The mafia, including Chicago-based families, did indeed get involved in Las Vegas. Al Capone even had his eye on Las Vegas at one point.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early footage of Covenant shows Nicolai as the main character, but Yuri would still be alive.
    • Shadow Hearts was originally in development for the original PlayStation.
    • From the New World was meant to be a side game and not a true sequel. The director has recently revealed that he wanted to make another game starring Yuri.