Awesome / Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

  • Fred gets a pretty good one, when he jousts against the Black Knight... on a motorcycle. To the tune of Bon Jovi's Dead or Alive. That is all.
    • The Dark Knight's entrance in the scene itself is genuinely intimidating and ominous, as the Knight emerges from the fog and stares down the Gang on his Cool Horse, staring them down as they look on.
    • Daphne took on the Black Knight earlier in the movie - and nearly got killed for her efforts (despite putting up a damn good fight)... and is saved by Velma, of all people, who boots the Black Knight square in his toodles.
    • Fred and Daphne take out both the Black Knight and the 10000 Volt Ghost at the same time using some jumper cables and a metal rod to suck the Volt Ghost into the Black Knight.
  • When the Mystery Machine is being pulled back by one monster, the others are scared but Fred drives back quickly knocking the monster away and giving them the chance to escape.
  • The tar monster has just succeeded in trapping the gang (minus Scooby), and is suffocating them. Scooby (who has the control panel that can stop the monsters) backs away whimpering, glancing in fear at each Mystery Inc. member, while other monsters close in on him. Upon seeing this, the evil masked figure begins to taunt him. Big mistake - Scooby realizes that he's strong enough on his own, and saves the day by freezing the monster with a fire extinguisher. Then there's this little gem...
    Masked Figure: (as Scooby is wreaking havoc on the assorted monsters) No! You can't do this to me! Who do you think you are!?
    Scooby: Scooby. Dooby. DOO! (Smiles and slams the control panel onto the machine, destroying the monsters)
  • Scooby as Einstein by means of a magical potion (mixed with a helping dose of CMOF). Plus being voiced by J.P. Manoux.
    Scooby: This Schwarzeneggean oaf almost destroyed us!
    Shaggy: (transformed into a jock by the same potion) Ha ha...kaboom!
    Scooby: Oh. you are embarrassing.(splashes him with a potion that transforms them both back)
  • Daphne freeing the gang by using the contents of her make-up bag (using blush and a pore strip on a fingerprint scanner to lift the last used fingerprint).
    Daphne: (Perkily) I enjoy being a girl!
  • There's always one monster that Shaggy and Scooby can defeat...
    Cotton Candy Glob: You never should have locked those locks. Now you're stuck in here with me - the Cotton Candy Glob!
    Shaggy and Scooby: Cotton...Candy... Glob? (Simultaneous evil grins, then they pounce on the Glob and wolf him down)
    Cotton Candy Glob: Noooo! I'll give you cavities!
    • They also take out Miner Forty-Niner... by combining his firebreath with Scooby's gas.