Awesome: SHINee

  • For many fans, Onew singing Italian opera for his solo stage at the first concert.
  • Key being able to do girl group dances better than the girl groups themselves.
  • SHINee's 2012 comeback. Also, fancam focuses on Minho and Taemin.
  • SHINee is BACK!!!
  • 2013 as a whole was one long Moment of Awesome - a huge amount of releases, including two (or three, if you count "Dream Girl" and "Why So Serious?" as two albums) new albums, a new EP, and a handful of singles, the band managing to get through an entire music video and comeback without Jonghyun (who was in the hospital following a car accident), new side activities for most of the members, and it all culminating with the band's very first Artist of the Year award (generally seen as the most important award in all of K-Pop). The music video for "Colorful" was created and released at the end of the year, full of behind-the-scenes footage and clips of memorable fan events to commemorate what a truly awesome year the band had.
  • This Tumblr post showcasing Jonghyun supporting LGBT+ rights. To put it into context; in America, homosexuality (and other sexualities and genders) is slowly but surely becoming seen as more and more "normal". In South Korea, it's still seen as taboo; a very hush-hush sort of thing. Jonghyun was putting his being an idol at a huge risk to say an astounding thing.