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Awesome: RiffTrax
  • Kevin and Bill's re-enactment of a scene from David and Hazel: A Tale of Communication. Subtle and hilarious.
  • The riff of Casablanca, the ultimate statement that their choice of movies does not automatically mean they hate them.
    • Also their ultimate statement that a movie does not have to be bad to find hilarious riffs in it.
  • On Feb. 25th, 2013, Rifftrax set up a kickstarter account to get the rights to do a live-riff of Twilight. It took them a little over an hour to reach their goal of $55,000 (as of this writing, they're up to $92,000 on their first day).
    • As of March 14th they are nearly up to a quarter of a million dollars, and still have weeks to go.
    • As of completion of the Kickstarter campaign, they received nearly $265,000, nearly five times their goal.
    • Unfortunately, they couldn't secure the rights. However, they picked up something that's just as cheesy. Starship Troopers! (And they're doing it again!)
  • Mike and the boys proving themselves to be more than capable voice actors when they impersonated the Daleks in their riff of Dr. Who and the Daleks, a voice that other people would need a machine to create.
  • After two years of waiting, Kevin casually revealing at the "Manos" The Hands of Fate live riff that corn is grass.
  • And in January 2014, RiffTrax riffed another movie they liked: The Wizard of Oz!
  • On April 1st 2014, Rifftrax teamed up with the National Geographic Channel to bring a three-hour "Total Riff-Off" special to TV. That's right, 15 years after MST's cancellation, the guys who made up its final cast come back to TV for one special night.
  • On May 2014, they ran another Kickstarter to do a live riff of another big-budget Hollywood movie. Which one? the 1998 Godzilla remake, that one! Within a day it met and exceeded it's goal, and unlike the Twilight riff where they ended up not getting the rights, they have a 100% guarantee that they will indeed be riffing on 'Zilla.
    • Helping in gathering the money were the promised bonus shorts: a fully re-riffed version of A Case of Spring Fever, another "At Your Fingetips" short, and the classic nuclear survival short "Duck And Cover".
      • Midway through the campaign they added a stretch goal: If they made it to $250,000 they would riff on Anaconda.
      • By the campaign's end, they not only met the stretch goal goal, but they exceeded the amount they received in the previous campaign by a couple hundred dollars.

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