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Awesome: Red Garden
  • Seriously, you'd think the OST was playing for an oscar winning film like The Hours or something.
  • The girls' first fight in Episode 2, combined with Teeth-Clenched Teamwork and Improvised Weapons: Claire kicks the side mirror off a car and flings it at the beast while Kate later strangles it with Rachel's purse. The fight itself ends when Rachel pulls off a Die or Fly moment which resulted in the beast being hit by an incoming truck.
  • In Episode 8, Claire discovered that her phone service had been cut off when trying to make a call? Later that evening, she arrives with a purse, which turned out to be her secret weapon: the rotary dial telephone in which she decided to use as a bludgeon.
  • In Episode 14, Rose finally pulling off a Die or Fly moment.
  • In Episode 16, JC's Big Damn Heroes saving Kate from Herve. Then there's the fight between Herve and the School President and her Amazon Brigade. Lula shows off her Action Girl tendencies and gives Herve a run for his money.
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