YMMV / Red Garden

  • Fridge Horror:
    • The OVA takes place centuries in the future with the four girls still amnesiac and attempting to find out more about their past. Their lack of memories would seem to indicate that they never reunited with their loved ones after the finale meaning that their friends and families died without ever finding out what happened to them.
    • In episode 3, Lula takes the girls to see another group of Animus like them fighting against a Delore, mentioning that they have lost the will to live and shows them the result. The girls are curbstomped by the monster and the last one stands still and makes no attempt to defend herself before she gets killed. At first, the other girls' despair seemed to be due to them not wanting to continue an endless fight against monsters though Lula's later mention that the girls' could get their normal lives back seemed to dispel this. However, once it's revealed that the Animus are doomed to lose their memories if they win, then the girls' lackluster response could be them attempting Dying as Yourself.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • Why could J.C. fight the way he did? It's clearly stated that only women become Animus, and he wasn't part of the Delor clan.
    • Why doesn't it occur to anyone to use the cursed tomes to remove the curses from both the Animus & Delore clan? If the books could used to curse both of them, then it stands to reason that it cure both of them.
      • Most likely they didn't want to do anything that would help an opposing clan.
    • Why did the Dolore take only Lisa & leave Kate, Claire, Rose and Rachel after the five were resurrected? Had they taken all five girls they could have had more test subjects and four less Animus to worry about.
      • Because Lula and JC had saved the others; the Delore only managed to get away with Lisa.
  • Les Yay: The first episode has Kate pining for Lise on a very — personal level. And at times, Paula seems very close to Kate — very close. This goes into Anvilicious territory from episode 18 onwards.
  • Most Annoying Sound / Audience Surrogate: Claire in the OVA, as the girls approach Red Garden while singing their song.
    Claire: Seriously, can we ditch the song?
  • Narm: Invoked by the random musical outbreaks, in which all the singing is terribly off-key and too mumbled to understand the significance of the lyrics. According to dub writer Stephen Foster, it's meant to be bad on purpose, as the Japanese version did it that way, too.
  • Tear Jerker: Lots, even the very first episode is heartbreaking.
    • Kate's reaction to Lise's death.
    • The slow progression of Herve's cousin and sister.
    • The girls' reactions to finding out that winning the war will result in them losing their memories and living forever in ageless bodies, which hits them hard since they had spent a good part of the show believing that they could be resurrected & return to their normal lives. They do not take the news well, particularly Rose, due to their relationships with other people.
  • The Woobie: Pretty much the Animus and Delore could qualify as such due to their respective curses
    • Jerkass Woobie:
      • Rachel can be pretty bitchy and has a tendency to blow up at almost everyone, however its hard not to feel sorry for her when you consider she has the least amount of social support out of the four main characters. While Kate, Claire and Rose are shown to have family and other people (Paula, Ewan & Sarah) willing to help them out with their problems, Rachel has no one she can count on: her mother being The Alcholic, an absent father (Claire's & Rose's Disappeared Dads at least try to reconnect with their daughters) while her so-called friends are apathetic to her plight, not even bothering to find out what's wrong with her or offer to help once Rachel began acting out. Not only do her friends carry on their lives without her, one of them even attempts to make a move on her boyfriend Luke while she's in earshot. It's bad enough that when it's revealed that the Animus are doomed to lose their memories she's the only one of the group not to care.
      • Herve may had done some questionable things, however he had to see his mother turn into a monster and be clubbed to death by his own relatives when he was a child and has to deal with the fact that the same thing will happen to him, his sister and cousin in record time, all because of something his ancestors did centuries ago. Despite being a Delore and inflicted with the curse his only concern is for his sister and cousin, while the rest of the family has given up hope of helping them. He sees his cousin die and his sister kills him and he has to Mercy Kill her just when they were getting close to a fixing the curse.