Awesome / Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

  • Layton and Future Luke building a machine gun out of slot machine parts.
  • Layton driving up the side of the giant mecha.
  • Layton flying off the mecha in his Laytonmobile, dropping off everyone, and going back to pick up Claire and Clive.
  • Chelmey gets one line at the end that clearly shows that he's got plans for Bill Hawks:
    Bill Hawks: (referring to Clive) Hmph. Criminals like him make me think the whole world has gone mad. Despicable, just despicable.
    Chelmey: Yes, people can become so blinded by their own motivations that they lose sight of the damage they do. But criminals aren't the only blind ones.
    Bill Hawks: Just what are you implying, Inspector?
    Chelmey: Nothing at all. Just stating the facts, sir. Now if you'll excuse me, I've still got work to do.
  • A talking rabbit with a serious attitude problem. With a cockney accent to boot. This is somewhat bad*** depending on how you see him.