Awesome: Office Space

  • Our intrepid heroes vent their frustration with a printer/copier by taking it out into a field and going medieval on its ass. (Youtube doesn't have it for some godforsaken reason, but the clip is here)
  • Also of note is Milton finally going through with his promise to burn the building down.
    • And, as mentioned on the main page, anyone familiar with the SNL animated shorts has heard him make this promise for damn near a decade, making it even more awesome.
  • A post-hypnosis Peter gets a call from Anne, who starts bitching him out on the phone for just sitting there while Dr. Swanson dies, and quickly transitions to embarrassing her in front of her friends. Having had enough of the stress, Peter just hangs up on her. Anne quickly calls back and harshly breaks up with him, while Peter just lets the machine get that and just goes right back to bed, perfectly content.
    • Just to pile on the awesome, he marches right into the restaurant the next day and asks out Joanna.
  • Peter telling off Nina the "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment..." girl, in a scene that sadly didn't make the final cut of the film.
  • Samir's breakdancing after the heist goes off.
  • Hell, just the scene where Peter just blithely walks past Lumbergh as he's asking Peter to come in on Saturday. It's the first time the audience sees Lumbergh actually flustered.