Awesome / Nintendo Wars

  • Black Hole Rising packs a number in:
    • Tanks!!!: Grit explaining to Adder that yes, he isn't particularly loyal to Blue Moon and yes, he doesn't care much about what land belongs to which country. But the destruction of cities and killing of civilians is unforgivable.
    • Duty and Honour: Black Hole has set up laser cannons around several strategically unimportant Yellow Comet cities which are under siege. Kanbei knows it's a trap, but goes in anyway because it is his duty to protect the people of Yellow Comet.
    COs don't sit idly by and watch their people be destroyed! Even if it's a trap. Even if it's strategically unimportant.
    • Lash also gets a pretty epic Not So Different "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Sonja in "A Mirror Darkly" after her defeat, when she accuses Sonja of also treating war like a game and being every bit the war-loving psychopath she is. In any other game this sort of accusation would be totally meaningless, but since this is Advance Wars, she's totally right, and Lash is in fact the only character who isn't in denial about it.
  • Hawke or Jake shooting Von Bolt's chair in Dual Strike, forcing him to live out the rest of his life under his own power... which probably won't be very long. Jake's line after doing so is pretty good:
    You don't get to die while the rest of us clean up your mess!
  • Days of Ruin has several as well:
    • Waylon claims that Will only helps people because it makes him feel important, and that at least he is honest about doing what he does for personal gain. Will responds that he might be right, in that he does it because he wants to, just like Waylon likes to "fly around and act like a jerk" because he wants too, but if he saves even one life, it is worth it. This prompts Waylon to call him a "little sack of crap". This marks a clear moment in Will's Character Development, and of course, he got The Dragon to call him a little sack of crap.
    • Lin receives one of her own after defeating Admiral Greyfield in battle, while confronting him. He surrenders out of desperation, and claims that as he is now a prisoner of war, if she kills him out of revenge, she will be the same as him (as their original rebellion was caused by this same crime). Her response?
    Lin: I guess you're right. *Gunshot SFX*
    • Caulder of all people gets one, when he gives a 'vaccine' to the Mayor after he sells out all of his people to Caulder. The awesome part? It turns out it was actually a dose of the virus, and the Mayor dies a painful, ironic, and well-deserved death.