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Awesome: Moving Pictures
  • Gaspode at the end. He was at odds with Laddie the whole book, always trying to prove that he was better than the former, and as they were dying he calls Laddie a good boy.
  • The climax, when Victor harnesses the power of movie magic to defeat the Things, summoning both a Cool Horse and Cool Sword and riding off to save the day.
    • Victor's final fight with The Thing would have fit perfectly into the climax of an epic movie. (Which may have been intentional, given the theme of the book.) To lit; a man formally dedicated to a life of mediocrity engages a colossal Eldritch Abomination in a fight to the death atop the oldest and tallest building in the city. It may have been the result of “Holy Wood Magic”, but it was a damn impressive scene all the same.
  • A small one for the Bursar, for getting fed up enough to call Ridcully a "bloodthirsty, overbearing tub of lard" to his face (and getting away with it because he's got tenure). Considering all the stress that the Archchancellor will be putting the poor fellow through, in the books to follow, it's nice to know that he did snark back to the man at least once in his life.
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