Awesome / Eric

  • The Luggage intimidated the Gates of Hell into opening rather than getting crashed through.
  • In a scene somewhat remniscient of Douglas Adams, one badly-misplaced sandwich becomes the beginnings of organic life on the Disc.
  • Eric is an Accidental Hero. Even if he meant only to summon a demon, he rescued Rincewind from being trapped in a never-ending hell forever.
    • It's never specified, and it's posible that time runs differently between the two dimensions, but Rincewind manages to survive in that never-ending hell for who knows how long, surrounded by Eldritch Abominations and with no weapons save for his bare hands and a sock full of sand. Not that he had to use them, because it's implied he outran anything that tried to eat him. THAT, people, is what it means to be badass.
  • Rincewind and his ancestor Lavaeolus breaking out of Hell together.