Awesome: Mount & Blade

  • Larger battles always qualify. Sieges, lord on lord fights, and even raiding larger villages all have that epic feel.
    • And when you win, everyone shouts "YEAAAAAHHHH!!!" in unison.
  • Put 20 Nord Huscarls in the front ranks of your army. Watch as they make hay of a two hundred man fighting force without taking any casualties.
  • Making that ridiculous 12.0 difficulty headshot from a far off mountain on a heavily armored lord.
  • Winning an extremely lopsided battle with no casualties through superior positioning and careful cavalry charges and retreats.
  • Charging while your archers fire from high ground above you. The whooshes of the arrows above you and seeing the ground at the enemy littered with arrows give it an almost movie-like feel.
    • On the flip-side, charging while archers fire at you. If you win the battle, it's always fun to see your shield riddled with arrows and javelins.
  • Getting knocked off your horse in the middle of the enemy and fighting your way out, or even stopping an enemy horseman in his tracks, taking him down, and stealing his horse to ride to safety.
  • Being on foot in the midst of cavalry from both sides fighting it out, always having to be on your guard for an enemy horseman riding you down.
  • When one of the less action-oriented companions manages to KO a lord. There's nothing quite like Ymira shooting King Harlaus in the face from across the battlefield.
  • When you succeed in placing a claimant on the throne.
  • Successfully breaking a captured lord out of prison. Double that if it's your king.
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