Awesome / Moby

Awesome Moments:

  • The incredible comeback of Play, and how he went from being the laughing stock of his genre to the highest seller.
  • Holds a Guinness World Record for Fastest Recorded Song (as in, highest BPM) with "Thousand". Guess how fast it gets at its peak.
  • To this day, Moby occasionally performs in a shirt that says "Nobody Listens To Techno," after Eminem's diss on "Without Me". Speaking of which, the way Moby consistently kept a good sense of humor and dignity during their "beef" was kind of awesome in itself.

Awesome Music:

  • Just listen to "Machete" off of Play. Nuff said.
    • "Rushing" and "Porcelain", too.
  • "We Are All Made of Stars", off of 18. Especially the chorus.
  • His version of the James Bond theme works way better than it has any right to.
  • Not that "Extreme Ways" isn't a great song on its own. But then he rerecorded it for The Bourne Ultimatum.
  • "The Perfect Life," off his most recent album.
  • Opinions on Hotel, Moby's flirtation with mainstream rock and pop, are divided, but if you get the double-disc version, disc two, titled Hotel: Ambient is devoted to a smooth collection of his dabblings in ambient techno. It's breathtaking.